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Friday, September 3rd, 2021 7:44 PM

Sleeping while pregnant

When I became pregnant, I was tired all the time. I remember those early days fondly. I had no toddler running around, no real responsibilities, and I was newly pregnant, so everyone understood if I didn’t want to go somewhere, but instead wanted to stay home to sleep. 

Oh, those were the days. 

No one really tells you that you will get to the point where you have a hard time sleeping before the baby is born, and that point comes sooner than you think. In hindsight, I wish I had spent as much time resting as I could while pregnant. Once my daughter was born, all I wanted —scratch that — all I needed was sleep. 


Yet sleeping is incredibly hard while pregnant, especially if you’re a stomach or back sleeper, because neither of those are ideal options. In my experience, it’s all about modifications. You don’t have to give up the feeling of sleeping on your stomach or back, even though you physically cannot. 


To help others, I’ve put together a few options to help other moms-to-be get the much needed and well-deserved sleep you’re clamoring for now. 

1. The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is, hands down, the best thing you can buy when you want a good night’s sleep while pregnant. It allows you to prop your body in a way that you still feel like you’re on your back or your stomach — even when you’re not. The fact that it is the same length on each side and only disconnected at the bottom makes it the most comfortable for back and stomach sleepers. 

This was my favorite thing ever. 


It does take up a lot of room in your bed, but for me, this was a small price to pay for comfort during a time when I was uncomfortable. 


2. The wedge. I received one of these as a gift. The idea is that you would put it under your belly to prop it up. And while that worked well, this wedge came in handy for so many more things than just use during my pregnancy. 


I used it while breastfeeding to prop up my nursing pillow, I even used it to prop up my baby at one point. I used it in conjunction with my U-shaped pillow. These are small and inexpensive — I highly recommend one. 


3. Some people just prefer the good old “pillow fort” method. 

I found that didn’t work for me because the pillows would move during the night and get away from me every time. But I opted for a mid-range pillow rather than a super-expensive name brand and I was very happy with the sleep I was able to achieve.
Also, keep in mind that using these pregnancy sleep supports won’t be forever. 
If you’re expecting and hoping for a good night’s sleep, I hope that one of these pregnancy pillows allows you to rest comfortably — and congratulations! 

You’re in for a wild and wonderful ride. 




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