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Thursday, May 21st, 2020 10:12 PM

Needing opinions, thoughts?

I need help, and all the answers I can get. I’m so confused. MY LMP was April 1st. I got a BFP, April 30th. Four days later I got my “period” or whatever it was and bled for seven days. Like a normal period. I thought we were miscarrying, but it seems that’s not the case. God has other plans, I think? We are still pregnant. The doctors have no clue how far along I am. They are guessing 4/5 weeks? Which by every calendar I should be 7/8 weeks! I’ve had multiple blood draws done- weekly if not multiple times a week, two ultrasounds (with nothing in my uterus) and a trip to the ER for excruciating back pain, which was unrelated.

My HCG has been increasing gradually and it looks promising but I honestly don’t know. Currently my number is at 2262. The last ultrasound they may have seen a blip of something by my left ovary- but nothing definitive enough to say, yup- ectopic. They talked to me about ectopic pregnancy so I’ve been on high alert the entire time. My numbers have been like this:

Monday May 4th- 35

Wednesday May 6th- 57

Thursday May 7th- 84

Monday May 11th- 238

Monday May 18th- 1638

Wednesday May 20th- 2,262

I have repeat bloodwork tomorrow and then another ultrasound on Tuesday. does anyone have any input on what in the world is up? Does it sound suspiciously like ectopic or am I so damn early they just can’t see anything?

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3 years ago

I'm glad you are working closely with your doctor. Is this your first pregnancy?

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