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Wed, Apr 14, 2021 2:00 AM

Size friendly obgyn in central Arkansas?!

Im a plus size woman who is scared of doctors because of my weight im beyond happy to b pregnant but im really scared to go to my first obgyn because of my weight . anybody know of a soze friendly obgyn in nlr ar or around?

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While I am not pregnant, I can relate to the concern you described in your post. I have a higher BMI then is recommended. Therefore, when I select doctors I am mindful of finding someone who will respect my body while also giving me sound medical advice. And I understand that weight loss is something I should focus on. But my BMI is not the only thing I want my doctor to see; I want them to see all of me.

I also understand that sometimes my weight does need to be addressed for given medical situations. For example, over the past few years I've developed asthma and sometimes I think it's getting worse. I understand that if I lose some weight I may see improvements in my asthma. Therefore, I appreciate it when my doctor brings this up in a respectful manner and mentions it, but does not belabor are the point.

I've only been to Arkansas once and do not know any doctors there. what I would do in a similar situation is call several doctors in the area and ask their receptionist about the demeanor of the doctor and if they will be able to see and treat all of you, and not focus on only one aspect of your life.


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